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10 Interesting Topics Bound To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship


10 Interesting Topics Bound To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship

Signs You Are The Side Chic In Your Relationship

Yes, we know you are very much in love with bae and can’t get enough of talking to them but there comes a time in life when the conversation starts getting boring and it can become downright awkward at some point.

There are a host of interesting topics to discuss with your partner which will not only keep you engaged, but it will help you get to know them better and open up a lot of really valuable possibilities. This article should help you put an end to a lot of mundane and boring conversations that may be threatening your relationship.


 1. Give Compliments

Everyone loves a good compliment. It shows you are paying attention, and can see into details. So when you are looking for topics to discuss with your partner, think about a compliment, and create a discussion around it. For example, you tell your spouse how you much you love the shirt he’s wearing on a picture you just saw on Social Media, they laugh for a while, and you begin to talk about his fashion sense.

He is very likely to want to talk about it with you, and let you in into that thing you have complimented, and which he’s very happy about. Gradually, you would be knowing a lot more about him, and he’s definitely going to warm up to you more.

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