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Be the most beautiful bride in Nigeria with one of these hairstyles (PHOTOS)


Be the most beautiful bride in Nigeria with one of these hairstyles (PHOTOS)

Finding a perfect bridal hairstyle for yourself can be rather difficult, given the amount of options you can choose from. Therefore, we want to give you a hand in this complicated task and offer you 15 ways of how to style bridal hair. Find the one you like and take it to your hairstylist!

How to style bridal hair in Nigeria


As not everyone wants to go for a stiff-looking low bun with an intricate design and lots of accessories (not that there is anything wrong with such a hairstyle), we have decided to offer you something a little different. Our wonderful picks of bridal hairstyles are divided into three categories. Here, you can find bridal hair ideas for short, medium-length and long hair alike. Find the perfect hairstyle for you!




Short bridal hairstyles Nigeria

short 1


Sometimes, you do not want to wear extensions or wigs to your own wedding, and that is ok. You can simply put on a headband and look beautiful. To make it more fascinating, you can use the headband to attach your veil, or you can add a bow to it. Whatever you choose, we know you will look stunning.

short 2


Another way you can look bridal without putting too much effort (and money) into your hair is by adding some lovely flowers. You can choose some decorative ones or even go for real flowers if you know that they will stay fresh throughout the whole event. So just brush your hair out, stick some flowers into it, and you have yourself a bridal hairstyle 🙂

short 3


If you combine our first and second advice, you can end up with another lovely hairstyle for your wedding. It is a simple yet elegant way to look bridal without torturing your hair (and yourself) for hours on end. You can go for this no matter how long or short your hair is.

short 4


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