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REVEALED: Ray Hushpuppi Net Worth, Cars & Biography 2018 (PHOTOS)


REVEALED: Ray Hushpuppi Net Worth, Cars & Biography 2018 (PHOTOS)

Except you’ve been living in a hole for a very long time now, then we can understand if you say you haven’t heard of the name, Hushpuppi or in full, Ray Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi – real name, Raymond Igbalodely – has become a household name in Nigerian social media and mere hearing the name alone, what comes to mind after is Luxury at its finest.

Ray Hushpuppi is one of the most talked about celebrities in the country and it’s quite funny that he’s attained this feat, not by singing or rapping, or acting, or being an on air personality, or a comedian, or a sportsman or whatever arena you know most celebs come from but by leading an expensive life and flaunting it off on social media.

Hushpuppi, born June 14. came into social media limelight when he and his then close @ssociates, Mompha and [email protected] kept serving balling goals with their expensive lifestyle and leaving everyone mystifie about the source of their wealth.

They eventually had a fall out and we got to know a little about Mr. Ray after his friends aired his dirty linen online – in an attempt to debunk claims that he was hating on Hushpuppi, he revealed that he was actually his sponsor for a very long time because he was broke and all.

Mompha took the path of calling him out after he claimed that Hushpuppi tried to stab him in the back by using his personal account for fraudulent activities that almost sent him to jail – Mompha in course of this made us to know some details about Hushpuppi as he revealed that his father is a Taxi Driver and his mother, a bread seller.

We knew this little about Hushpuppi until he revealed that he used to be a heavy gambler and this has us wondering if maybe this could still be the source of his wealth or maybe he’s swerved to a different path that’s raking in more dough for him.

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