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8 Hacks That Will Make A Round Face Look Slimmer


8 Hacks That Will Make A Round Face Look Slimmer

Hacks To Make A Round Face Appear Slimmer

How do you make a round face look slimmer? Do you know that it is even possible? We are here to tell you that yes, it is very possible. There are specific things to do to ensure that your round face begins to create the illusion of being slim.

So if you are not comfortable with your face, try these hacks and see if you’d like this more.

1. Define your brows

Full, defined brows will elongate your face, while fine ones will actually make it look rounder, so keep your arches natural, but tamed, and ideally fairly straight.

2. Try to cover dark circles

Dark shadows around your eyes can make your face look wider, so invest in a good concealer and cover it up, as brightening your under-eye area will have the reverse effect, instantly lifting the face.

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